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Beth Anne's Finest All Natural

Natural Cat Litter

By Barbara Meyers, Holistic Animal Consulting Center

Felis sylvestris catus is descended from Felis sylvestris lybica and better known to us as our beloved feline friends and family; the exquisite and magical cat! No other can mystify, engage, confound, love, touch and break our hearts like they can. As a grief therapist and animal behaviorist specializing in feline behavior for nearly three decades, I still (and always will) remain in wonder of these extraordinary beings.

Their needs, normal but misunderstood or unwanted behavior and preferences often clash with those of their human family. The single most frequently occurring group of challenges surround the litter box, its care, choice of litter and cats' behaviors associated with it. Truth be told, most litters and other products are designed for people, not cats ! Cats are burdened with what appeals to well intended people who use devises and products that are either useless, offensive and unnatural to them or are stress-inducing and counterproductive as well as counter intuitive to their needs and well being.

Healthy, happy cats are fastidious about cleanliness, grooming and generally sensitive about their paws, claws and the surfaces they like, choose, dislike, will avoid. Some are so unacceptable, they create anxiety if cats are forced to be in contact with them and can be the cause of or contribute to and exacerbate other causes of FED (Feline Elimination Disorder.) FED is a condition in which cats stop using their litter boxes and eliminate on surfaces of all kinds including carpet, bathroom or kitchen sinks, furniture, and a host of other inappropriate places that often include your bed!

Always searching for products that are both feline and human friendly, I came upon Beth Anne's Finest All Natural Cat Litter. It is exactly what the name implies: The Finest cat litter I've ever found. Beth Anne's Finest is a corn based product but not to be confused with or compared to any other corn-based litter. They are not the same.

In order to enjoy the full benefits of this litter, it's important to remember two key things:
  • Keep about (not less) 3" of litter in the box at all times. This will prevent liquid waste from reaching the bottom and help keep the box clean & dry.

  • Do not scoop immediately after use. Allowing some time (at least an hour or so) for the full clumping effect to take place will produce easily scoopable clumps that don't fall apart as they do with other products

In addition to its remarkable acceptability to cats, performance as to superior clumping ability and virtually dust-free features, it is also flushable. Despite the fact that it clumps (and significantly better than the others,) when it hits the water, it turns to the consistency of pancake batter and can be flushed.

I very strongly prefer not to flush and I don't recommend it but it is flushable. You must decide for yourself about flushing flushable litter.

If you're comfortable with it, it's still wise to be mindful of the amount you flush each time. Don't flush the entire box at once. If you have a multi-cat family, don't flush many clumps at the same time. Beth Anne's Finest Cat Litter has earned my unsolicited and complete professional and personal endorsement. This is not something easily accomplished. Beth Anne's Finest Cat Litter will soon be in a store near you but can also be ordered directly from Beth Anne until it is.

Website enhancements are under construction and will, when complete, include a page of " Where to buy" as well as well feline oriented educational material and articles on health, behavior and more !

Natural Cat Litter

" Cats are not our whole lives.
They make our lives whole ! "

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