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This website was built out of love and from the inspiration that my cats bring me each and every day. I am the proud mommy to 4.. YES.. (4) little fur kids.

Having a pet in your life really does fill it with joy and make the hard days seem not so bad when you have a furry little friend to come home to, doesn't it?

It's really a joy to come home to pets...

They don't judge you or have ulterior motives. They just want to be loved! So I thought.. why not build a helpful and (hopefully) informative website around one of my favorite things in the world (my cats!).

I could go on talking about each one and why they are so special to me.. but I'll just let each of my little "critics" introduce themselves to you!


Hello and how are you today? Welcome..I'm glad you came for a visit! My name is Josie Moran but I'm also known as "the supermodel cat." Yes, my mommy named me after a real life model because she thinks I'm soooo pretty- except she spelled it wrong but don't tell her I said that!

I enjoy lounging on the sofa and lazy afternoon naps like your everyday feline. I'm very cautious and do like to take my time when I do things, like when I jump on people's laps, because that's just the way I am.

I was adopted from an animal shelter when I was about a year old after my old family couldn't take care of me anymore. But things are much better now and more good and happy times lie ahead!

I enjoy sitting on mom's lap and waking her up early in the morning by scratching the door. She likes to call me her "little alarm clock." I also have a fierce growl and it comes in pretty handy when I need it.


Hi! My name is Moses but my mommy likes to call me Mosey and sometimes when I'm being mischievous I go by "Nosy Mosey." Don't let my sweet little face fool you.. I am always looking for trouble and love to pounce on Josie and wrestle..even when she doesn't want to and growls and hisses at me to stay away.

What's her deal anyway, doesn't she know I live for fun? Mom says that my only problem, although I don't think I have one, is that I play too rough when I shouldn't but I can't help it!

I love to play when the mood strikes me...but everyone has to play by my rules. If they don't I will quickly become upset and run away and hide in my top secret nook until I feel like coming out again. I would show you my secret nook but then I'd have to kill you. HA!


Hello and welcome to my world! My brother (William) and I are the youngest cats in the household, but I AM older than him. Mommy adopted us when we appeared on her back patio all of a sudden out of nowhere. We were only a few months old and so hungry but we sure did mosey our way into her heart!

I love to hop up on laps whenever I can ( I always beat Josie to the punch) and enjoy being petted. I'm small but don't let my size trick you. I am as quick as lightning but as cute as a shiny, little button.

I don't really purr very much but instead I like to make little "meep" noises that sound like somebody is blowing a little sharp whistle!

I do love playing with Moses but for some reason he doesn't like to play with me sometimes. Maybe it's because I'm quicker and I'm not afraid to use my claws which makes him mad! Ha ha ha!


Hello, I'm William (or "Willy" as my family likes to call me) and I'm the youngest of the cat crew here but I'm also the largest! I'm a "big, white ball of fluff" as mommy likes to say.

I'm a real charmer and sweet as pie. I don't really cause any trouble like that other Moses character, but I sure do love to eat!

Whenever I hear the sound of food pouring in any of the food bowls I am always the first in line to munch and whenever I hear the refrigerator opening up I am always there in the hopes that I can catch me a good tasting treat!

So besides being Mr. Personality and my love of culinary delights ( Yummy!) I enjoy being carried and lots of petting and fun games if you please!

If you leave something on the floor..chances are I will treat it like a soccer ball and run around the house chasing it.

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