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I use an alternative cat litter called World's Best Cat Litter. My cats are a sister and brother tag team named Mystery and Suspense. Their litter box is actually in the kitchen, under the sink, because the little prima donna herself, Mystery, won't use it if it's anywhere else!

They both learned how to open the cabinet door and neither of them will do their thing until the door swings shut behind them. Now, most people are shocked when they discover the box under there, because, well, it is a pretty unusual place for a litter box, and because there is never any tell tale sign of it being there at all.

There is absolutely never an odor (except for the time one of the hairballs got into the leftover lo mien. Cats should NEVER eat lo mien. Please believe.) And never any dust tracked around the door.

I would never be able to get away with such unorthodox kitty litter placement habits if not for World's Best Cat Litter.

This alternative cat litter is amazing! It's made out of corn. It's a very fine grain litter that completely locks all the odor into a seriously solid clump. It clumps so solidly that a 7 pound bag of it lasts me about 3 weeks because I am (ok, in all honesty, my 7 year old daughter is) only scooping out one clump at a time.

Clumps of other litters we have tried fell apart and sort of formed new clumps, so much more of it was wasted. I would recommend this brand to anyone who shares a home with a cat. Oh! I almost forgot the best part! It's completely flushable!

This is an amazing thing for someone like me who absolutely loathes having to drag the trash out to the can just because it stinks. Wow. I never stopped to think about how many trash bags I've saved since using World's Best Cat Litter!

Flushing cat litter has been reported to cause harm and even death to marine life. So instead just opt to throw the litter in the garbage bin. Read more about flushable cat litter.

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