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Arm and Hammer Cat Litter is the Best litter I've used!

by sheila martin
(hermosa beach, CA)

after trying many brands and types of litter for my pack of felines ( and fosters ), arm and hammer is the only litter i'll use.

It clumps well, and is heavy enough that it doesn't scatter or track easily, which is very important in a household currently holding 14 cats!

The scent is great, not too flowery or cloying, and strong enough that even after i scrub the boxes with bleach, they still smell like fresh litter.

But it's not so strong that it's all you can smell, you only smell it when the cats scratch at the litter. there is hardly any dust with this litter, which i love, as does my asthmatic daughter.

Best of all, my cats like it. i've never had a cat refuse to use it, and with our brood, that's saying something. all in all, the best litter on the market! 5 stars!

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