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Arm and Hammer Cat Litter Unscented

by Mitch

We have used Arm and Hammer Unscented Super Scoop Litter for over a decade. Shopped around now and then, came back to it.

Now they have a new Ammonia Control Formula.

I wonder if their competition had a spy in the A&H company to come up with this stuff.

As one reviewer on Amazon (talking about the Fresh Scent version) put it: It now has a sickly sweet odor. Bad enough to do that to the scented version.

But to make the "unscented" version smell like a corpse in a cheap bordello is a really REALLY bad marketing move.

Even considering the thousands of pounds of the stuff we have purchase, I suppose getting upset over cat litter is a bit odd.

But what kind of moron(s) decide to "new-and-improve" products I like and they sell tons of? Not add a new kind, no.

Just kill our good product, and replace it with #$!!!*!.

Oh well, off to find some other brand.

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