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Arm and Hammer Essentials litter made from corn

by Joyce
(Joppa, Alabama)

My cousin told me about this, but she had not really used it yet. I was pleased with the fresh scent when I put it out the first time.

But very soon the pan (and the whole house to some extent) was reeking of ammonia.

The supposed clumps broke up while I was sifting out the scoop, so all of the clump fell back into the pan and could not be retrieved.

This is the last time I will use it.

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Oct 28, 2012
Doesn't Work
by: Denise

I agree with Joyce. Smelled great until used a few times and didn't clump. Pee clump just fell apart when scooping and then all you can smell is ammonia. We live in a small apt. with multiple cats and the only place we can put the litter box is in the bathroom which is right beside the front door. I was very disappointed.

Feb 22, 2012
Corn Litter
by: Lisa

The worst issue with corn litter is that it is most likely made with GMO corn. This means that severely high doses of pesticides have probably been sprayed in the corn. GMO's are bred to withstand large doses of Monsanto's Round-Up poisons. This means when your kitties lick their paws and anything else the litter has touched, they are absorbing an awful lot of pesticides. Would be interesting to know how many cats using his litter become cancerous compared to others.

I contacted World's Best Cat Litter on their Facebook page last year and asked if their corn litter was from non-GMO is not non-GMO. I immediately stopped using it.

I started using Feline Pine but have gotten to the point where I can't stand it anymore. It's literally everywhere the cats go and even where they don't. It's on furniture, the back porch, one end of the house to the other. Our house is nearly 2800 SF and the litter is EVERYWHERE. We close off three bedrooms and one bath but litter gets tracked there from our socks.

Am looking for first, truly non-toxic and non-tracking super clumping litter for our 6 kitties. I can live with a little dust as long as it doesn't give the cats cancer or lung issues. I've read that the tea kind isn't any good. Sodium bentonite clay is actually sold as a human "cleanser" but then I discovered the scam...this type of clay really expands so it looks like more coming out than going in, like it's cleaning out a bunch of colon debris. Not sure if it's toxic, but what other chemicals are in all the litters? Arm and Hammer has some sort of proprietary technology added with the baking soda for odor control but I can't research it to find out whether or not it is toxic.

Poor kitties...they'd probably be healthier doing their business outside, except for lawn weed 'n feed and pesticides. It's a real shame a 100% non-toxic, high performance litter isn't available.

Dec 05, 2010
by: cathy

it is the best litter i have ever used

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