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Arm and Hammer Litter Review

by Tracey
(East Bethel, MN , USA)

I have to give it absolutely 0 stars!

It says the idea is not to cover up odor but the smell is so strong the cats refuse to use the box.... My eyes and nose are burning!

I have to say I do not smell the cat feces or Urine because all I smell is the litter!

I do rescue work and I went late one night so I could clean my boxes and could not make it to the pet store to buy my usual litter, I bought 3 box and it took two of them to change all the boxes....

I thought the smell would subside but after 2 days of headaches burning nose and eyes, cats peeing and pooping in all the WRONG places and even one of my adult cats throwing up all over the house I had to run again late at night to another store (major retail store) looking for an unscented litter with no luck....

I think they are running a special at all the stores in the area to get the store carrying mainly this brand. I ended up sticking my nose is as many jugs that I could open to find the one with the least smell possible!

Needless to say it is now midnight and after changing the boxes I am hoping the smell will subside by morning when I can run to the pet store and buy my normal brand along with some kitten attract to hopefully get the foster kittens to start using the box again...

What a waste of 30.00 and hours of my time! I do not think I will ever purchase anything for the cats with this brand name again that is how upset and disappointed I am in this product.

And no I usually do not have a problem with scented stuff.... I found it to be extremely embarrassing when people came over and said geeze what is that smell... I told them it was the litter I bought and they said they thought the smell of dirty litter boxes would be better than that.

I HAVE TO AGREE! Just because I foster kittens my house does not need to smell like I do!

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Jun 24, 2011
cat puking
by: pbrazina

I recently switched to A+H multicat (in that big orange box with the nylon handle). The food hasn't changed, but now one of my cats is puking. I am thinking it is something in the litter, but I may be mistaken.

One thing I am sure about is the scent is VERY overpowering compared to my old litter. This is not stopping my cat from using his box, but I think some of the chemicals in the clumping litter may be irritating his stomach when he cleans the litter off of himself.

I will say that this is the most dust-free clumping litter I have used.

Nov 10, 2010
arm and hammer rocks!
by: Anonymous

i actually LOOOOVE arm and hammer!!! great scent, low dust, heavy enough litter that it doesn't scatter easily, and great clumping. i recommend it to everyone!

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