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Arm and Hammer nice litter but too dusty

by Wendy Purdiak
(Duluth Minnesota)

Hi All,

I have 4 large ragdoll cats and have 4 litter large size litter boxes for them to use. I scoop twice per day and the smell is well controlled.

I have used Arm and Hammer Multi cat clumping for years. What i have noticed more recently of late is there is too much dust. It has started to bother me (runny nose, sneezing and coughing).

I just purchased Fresh Step now which is supposed to be 99% dust free. I scrub out my boxes every 10 days, so I will be trying it on the next round.

Arm and Hammer needs to do something about all the dust. It permeates my home......ewwww. I don't think all that dust is good for the cats little alone humans.


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Jan 16, 2011
Arm and Hammer Dust Problem
by: Anonymous

Hi All,
I had posted previously about the increased dust from Arm and Hammer Multi Cat Litter. I have 4 Ragdoll cats and four litter boxes for them to use. I noticed a major increase in dust from the Arm and Hammer that I had been using for years. The litter was causing me to have runny nose and cough. I have now tried Fresh Step and have to say it is much better for dust control and the litter box odors are controlled nicely. The perfume smell is significantly reduced as well. I plan to continue to use Fresh Step. Maybe a good time for Arm and Hammer to do some product redesign..

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