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Arm and Hammer..Not what I expected

I have three cats and have usually bought either Fresh Step or Scoop Away (the multi-cat formulas of each) and was happy with each one, leading more towards the Fresh Step.

On my last trip to the store, Arm and Hammer was on sale, and I figured with the brand's good baking soda rep, I might as well try it.

I am sorry to say it has not worked as well for my cats as it has for others who have reviewed.

The cats like it as well as other brands, but I notice much more of an ammonia odor than with either Fresh Step or Scoop Away.

(I am using an unscented formula, but still...) In fact, each time I clean I hope that the box is almost gone.

I will definitely be returning to Fresh Step, with Scoop Away as a backup plan.

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