Arm And Hammer Super Scoop

By Sara M.

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I have finally settled on Arm & Hammer Super Scoop clay cat litter with Baking Soda. I have tried what seems like every brand of cat litter on the market. The litter definitely stays clumped, which is what I was most concerned about.

There were some litters that I tried that simply turned into one soggy mess of mud at the bottom of the cat litter box - YUK! Those were horrible to try and clean because I could never just scoop them out. I usually had to end up emptying the entire box out and starting over.

The other thing I like about Arm & Hammer is that it definitely does not have an odor. I keep the litter box in the laundry room, which is located right off of the kitchen.

As you can imagine, that might pose a problem with odor, especially if the cat used the litter box while we were eating dinner. But Elfie (short name for Elphaba, named for one of the characters in the Broadway show "Wicked") can use the litter box any time and there is no problem with odor, or with her tracking the litter out of the box.

It also helps that I have one of those rubber mats right under the litter box opening, so when she jumps out, her paws jump onto the mat first before she touches the floor.

Another thing that I like about Arm & Hammer cat litter is the price. Some brands of litter are very expensive, but that does not necessarily mean that they are better.

I have paid a much higher price for other brands of cat litter than I do for Arm & Hammer and have been very dissatisfied with the results. Arm & Hammer is reasonably priced and works well!

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