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Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal Killed My Cat

by stephen
(san leandro, ca.)

R.I.P  Ace.

R.I.P Ace.

Sodium Bentonite is the amazing clay from which this kitty litter is made. Chosen for its "clump-ability", it has become quite a hit. If you use it for your cat, PLEASE HEAR WHAT I HAVE TO TELL YOU!

Ace was a sweet, handsome, wonderful cat who we adopted from the local shelter at the age of 3 to be a companion to our senior cat, Nadia. He took to that job exceptionally well, and they became very close.
But he was only able to stay for four years. Ace was a big boy, and when he used his litter box he would get a fair amount of litter stuck to his fur. He always did a thorough job of cleaning afterward.

We just did not understand that what clumps in the litter box, clumps inside the cat. Small amounts began to line his small intestine, expanding up to fifteen times in volume and becoming a barrier to the nutritional benefits of his diet. A mineral deficiency developed in Ace, causing a condition called "Pica" that leads to eating dirt or clay. At this point Ace was doomed. He began to eat litter right out of the damn pan, and by the time i realized it and got him in for an x-ray his intestines were packed with that profitable, deadly clay. It was all he would eat. My wife and I spent our last week with Ace trying to feed him through a tube in his neck, every three hours.

I will never use clay litter again. It might be "convenient", but it was not worth Ace's life. If you love your cat, throw that shit away!

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