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Arm & Hammer Essentials Best and inexpensive biodegradeable litter

by musicntutor at gmail
(Hermosa Beach, CA USA)

I have a singing kitty

I have a singing kitty

Essentials is made from cobs of corn that are shredded down. Also flushable- but be alert of warnings; though her in LA County they have reported at the Hyperion Water Treatment plant they specifically DO sanitize for toxo bacteria from feline feces-- all done due to many eco lobby groups in our state.

Also what is great is when I cannot travel to a discount place Arm & Hammer is a well known brand name and then get many coupons - either from Sunday inserts or on their website--sometimes up to $3.00 off! Or Buy one and get one free! Usually it is $8.50 to 12.00 for a 20 lb equal bag (weighs less than 8 lbs but = to 20 lbs, etc)

No dust from corn. We have so much corn subsidies in the USA we can use it for cat litter... Great to scoop out with urine and feces. Cats LOVE to dig in it.

I have 4 cats with 8 litter boxes I clean once a day and the 20lb bag lasts me 2 weeks.

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