Automatic Cat Litter Box
Littermaid Mega LM900

Review by: Monica M.

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As an owner of two cats, an automatic bin was a genius idea that I needed in my house! I own the Littermaid Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box which I bought at Wal-Mart for around $125, which is the third one I've purchased. I bought the first about 8 years ago I believe.

I bought an automatic cat litter box because I felt it would make my life easier with these two cats! The cats at first were kind of hesitant about the new bin, but they became used to it in about a week. The sound the box makes still scares them to this day. I believe the litterbox can use any type of cat litter. I've never changed what I've used, and it still works!

I like this particular automatic cat litter box because it seems to be a bit quieter than the versions I've used previously. It continues to provide me with assistance and makes it easier to clean up after the cats.

I have no complaints so far with the newest box. However, I do have a complaint that I have had to buy three of these boxes in 8 years. Its not awful because it costs around $125, but it is worth the money.

However, these boxes keep breaking down about once every 4 years due to use. I haven't bought anything special for the box that I wouldn't buy with a non-automatic box except for little bags built for the "poop holder" as I call it. My only tip would be to be prepared for the box to eventually break down!

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