Which is the Best Cat Litter?

Clumping or Non Clumping?

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As a cat owner, you may know that there are many types of cat litter available. So many in fact.. that everyone has an opinion on "their favorite and not so favorite."

But they all have something in common; which is the ability to absorb fluids (some better than others) to help retain odors and to make cleaning up the litter box a little bit easier.

So which one should you choose.. one that clumps or one that doesn't? What the heck is the difference anyway?

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"Non clumpers"..as I like to call them have been around a bit longer than clumping litters and were pretty popular before the clumping variety was invented.

One of the major issues with clumping litter is that there has been some controversy (although not scientifically proven) linking clays, which mostly contain sodium bentonite to feline deaths if ingested.

This is one of the reasons why non clumping "natural litter" (e.g.- those made of corn or paper) has been recommended for young kittens that are still learning to use the litter box and groom themselves.

Check out what other users prefer and read the biodegradable litter reviews!

Which is the Best Cat Litter?

Check out the pros and cons of each variety below..

Clumping Cat Litter

Pros Cons
Scoop easily Are sometimes dustier
Waste less litter Might be more expensive
Spend less time cleaning Harmful if ingested (clays)

Non Clumping Cat Litter

Read more about the disadvantages.

Pros Cons
Safer for kittens (biodegradables) More clean up time
Might be less expensive Go through litter faster
Might be less dusty (depends on material) More odors due to ineffective absorption

The best cat litter is the one that works for you and your cat!

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