Biobags for Cats?

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Have you ever felt very proud of yourself for doing a good deed? Well..I'm feeling proud of myself right now..just got back from my local recycling center and turned in a carload of plastic cat litter pails along with many, many other plastics to be recycled.

Please don't throw away your plastic litter pails..YOU can recycle them!

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The only disappointment is that they do not accept plastic bags.. hmm. So on that note, I have also been "experimenting" with a new biodegradable product (for me anyway) called Biobags.

If you have a cat companion and are trying to be more eco-friendly (especially when it comes to disposing their litter) then a great environmentally friendly bag to try is the Biobag. The following is my opinion and experience with these new bags. Read on to see how it works out..

Using Biobags will make you feel like you're really helping the environment by using less non biodegradable plastic bags.

The wonderful thing about these bags is that they are 100% biodegradable and compostable so once they are disposed of they will start to degrade within 10-45 days.

Where's the Biobag for Cats?

I'd like to point out that the Biobag folks don't really have Biobags especially for picking up cat poop, however they do have Biocat for litter pans.

Maybe there is a reason for this or they just assume you can use the bag for dogs. If there is a specific reason cat bags are not offered I'm not aware of it.

Or maybe I am.. but it doesn't make sense since they do have a biobag litter pan liner for cats. Read about the possible hazards of flushable cat litter, and why it should concern you (T. Gondii).

At first, you would think.. no big deal; just buy the bag for dogs, which is exactly what I thought at first and did. The size I purchased was the 7.9" x 12.6" dog bag.

The problem I found using this size was.. it was not big enough! Let me explain; the bag measures 7.9" x 12.6" and my cat scooper measures about 6" across (give or take).

But once you open the bag up, the diameter is roughly 4 1/2" to 5" across once opened up.

Yes, the bag is too small for the scooper

I have 4 cats so I need a good average sized scooper. Unfortunately, when I tried it out the poop and urine clumps kept rolling out because the bag was not wide enough.

I tried to angle the scooper into the bag to make it fit somehow.. but it was still extremely difficult and quite a few times my hands came into contact with dirty litter. Even with gloves, this is not a good thing.

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While dog owners who walk their dogs pick the poop up with the bag itself using their hand, most cat owners need to use a scooper to make sure everything is removed (little specks included). I can see how the bags are very user friendly for dog owners but not so much for cat owners!

After I finish up the smaller bags (somehow) I will try the larger 9.8" x 13.8" to see if they work better. Here's hoping!

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