Biodegradable Cat Litter
by Yesterday's News

Review by: Anonymous

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I recently discovered a biodegradable cat litter called "Yesterday's News." It consists of pellets made from recycled paper. There is no dust and no tracking of litter. I don't think it's flushable, but it's definitely scoopable.

biodegradable cat litter
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I'm sold on it! I discovered this marvelous brand in the form of a free coupon, given to me by a friend and boy am I really glad that I gave it a try! Considering the price of litters, I figured it couldn't hurt to try it.

Thankfully, both my cats took to it right away.

The con is that the only place I've been able to find Yesterday's News, is at Kmart. If anyone else knows more stores that carry it please let me know.

It's definitely not cheap, but I've had my first bag for about a month, and have only used half of it.

My finicky cats don't seem to be offended by any odors around their boxes. I would highly recommend this litter. It's one less thing cat lovers have to worry about and best of all.. this one is actually good for the planet!

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"With this natural alternative, you are helping the environment and using a recycled product..."

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