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blondiejul=Fresh Results Review

by Julie
(Export PA )

I found this brand at Walmart. I am sad as they do not have this brand on their shelf presently.

So, I an researching where I can purchase this product. It is high on my list as a superior kitty litter. The foremost reason is that I have a cat with asthma therefore, I do not have to worry about irritating my cat's medical condition. It is virtually dust free. Secondly, it is very affordable for it's quality. As for all five of my cats it serves it purpose in odor control, and clumping.

Of course with having this many cats maintaining is essential. I use a big rubber made storage container. I cut a door way in the side and keep the lid on. Works for my situation.

I highly recommend this product it is economical, and good quality and healthy (dust free) for my pets.

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