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booda dome litter box
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"It does the job to reduce tracking..."
"Keeps the litter inside the box!"

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Review by: Ted

"It does the job of reducing tracking!"

I love the Booda litter box. I used to keep my old "regular" litter box in a spare bedroom, so the litter and urine odor would not smell up my home.

With the Booda Clean Step, I can now put it downstairs, and not worry about the smell, or tracking.

I purchased the Booda box that has the ramp on it. It certainly does the job of reducing the tracking of litter from my cats paws. I should note that with the ramp you will need extra space, as it does take up a little more room than a conventional litter box.

As for the smell, the air filters that come with the Booda Dome are wonderful. They really do work, and stop the smell of "kitty mess". All in all I would have to say that I certainly enjoy my Booda Dome and my cat does too!

I also found the price to be very reasonable given the benefits that I get from my new cat litter box.

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Review by: Natalie

"The track keeps the litter inside the box!"

I recently bought a Booda Dome litter box because my cat was tracking her litter all over the house and she would kick it out of the litter box we were using previously onto the carpet underneath.

I had tried everything prior to this litter box including changing the type of litter, putting a track mat down in front of the litter box, and even giving her, her very own rug.

NONE of it worked! I was worried that she would be scared to use the Booda litter box because it was enclosed,, but once we got it home and put litter in it she got into it right away.

She is a large cat (17lbs.) and my other concern was that she may not be able to turn around once inside, but she did with no problem.

We have had it now for about three weeks and the odor in our house is down to almost nothing, and the litter around the house is gone. Being that it is enclosed keeps the odor down and the track keeps the litter inside the box!

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