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Breeze System Downer

I used to LOVE my Breeze system until recently... I had the worst scare of my life. I'm not sure what they make their pads of, but when I went to change the urine pad, it had tiny white worms squirming around in it.

I should have prefaced this review by stating I've been using the Breeze system for 2+ years and NEVER have I EVER seen this. This not only was alarming, but confusing! Why would they be trapped in there? Were they from my cats? Why would they be?

My cats are indoors and have been for 10+ years. What does this mean? I panicked because that's what you do in this situation.

Then I calmed down, my cats eat the same food everyday, they have normal and regular bowel movements, they aren't exposed to other animals or the outdoors at all. A process of elimination, a few conversations with other pet lovers and a trip to the vet, and what now? I'm left to feel very uncertain about the pads actual processing and product filler.

Is the processing around insects, or was larvae present when purchased? Would this be healthy for my cats??

I'm so disappointed.

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Aug 24, 2014
by: Anonymous

I'm experiencing the exact same thing, did you come to any resolution on where the white worms are coming from? Thanks!

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