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"I have to laugh when I read these cat litter ratings..Litter Clean is a good litter."

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"The worst cat litter I've ever used.."

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Review By Martin

"Highly recommended if you want something economical"

I usually buy bulk cat litter since I need a lot for my cats..I have a multiple cat household that has four boxes so it's really necessary.

My cats range from under a year old to about 15 years old. Keeping up with the boxes is a daily chore, so I am always looking for an economical substrate that also clumps well.

The one that I now use, I get at Sam's Club in a 40 pound pail. It is All Natural Litter Clean, Hard Clumping, scoopable kitty litter, with an herbal odor control and is also for multi-cat households.

I have found that it does the job well. It is definitely hard clumping and is easy to clean. I don't seem to have to add as much fresh grains after cleaning the boxes as I do with some other brands. It has a fresh scent that isn't overpowering and it does help eliminate any odors. The cats seem to like it as there haven't been any problems with them not using the boxes.

That has occasionally been a problem in the past especially with an older cat that I have. It has a fine grain and doesn't track any more than any other brand I've used. When you have many cats, tracking litter is going to happen. I also use Booda Dome box, so that does help some, because they have stairs that curve into the box.

I don't find it to be dusty and since it's bulk cat litter it's less expensive than some of the other name brands, and works as well or better than some. I would highly recommend that if you want an economical one, give it a try.

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Review by Ray

"A total mess."

I thought this was the worst cat litter I have ever used. We have 10 cats and have used many different brands of litter. An important item for us is 'dust free'.

This is supposed to be 99% dust free. Well - they lie. I gently poured this product into a box and was engulfed in a dust storm! Do you realize what this means when your cat enters the box and starts to bury?

A total mess. I will never purchase this product again. I bought this through Sam's Club.

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Litter Clean Got Dusty 
I always loved this litter and then the end of 2011 it went from great to so dusty that my entire room where the litter pan is kept is now in a fog!! …

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Litter Clean from Sam's Club used to be great. There was very little dust at first, but someone must have changed the formula. The last few containers …

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This is the WORST litter I have ever used. We have a litter maid and it doesn't work in there at ALL!!! It says that it is clumpable however it doesn't …

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I had tried several of the brand name clumping cat litters and did not like them. About 4 years ago a friend told me about Litter Clean and I have been …

LitterClean (with new 2010 formula) -- Cats Won't Use It 
We and our cats liked the old LitterClean, available at SamsClub. In early 2010, the manufacturer changed the additives. Now our cats defecate and …

Poop city Not rated yet
I may just have the stinkiest cat, but this litter does not hold in her horrid stench. A vile smile emanates from the bathroom and make eyes me look for …

I liked it but it has changed. Not rated yet
It was my favorite litter until I started noticing that it did not clump very well as it had been in the past. I thought it was just due to something …

litter clean review Not rated yet
I absolutely love this product. Light scent that helps keep odors down while I'm at work etc. Clumps well and scoops easily The only thing I notice …

LitterClean works better than other litters I have tried over the years Not rated yet
I have one cat, she is about a 1.5 years old. I have used this stuff since she was a kitten. It controls odor as well if not better than the stuff I used …

My Litter Clean Review Not rated yet
I was very pleased with this product until they improved it.. it barely clumps, dusty & doesn't control the odor. I clean the boxes every day.. & get …

Does not Clump Not rated yet
The "new and improved" version clumps poorly. Odor control is fine. If you advertise a clumping litter, it should. This does not.

Update for: The "NEW! Litter Clean"...stinks Not rated yet
I am the author of that titled review and I just want to share my latest adventure through Litterland. I tossed what was left of the Litter Clean …

Love it! Not rated yet
I've been using litter clean for years and I love it! It is dusty, but it does clump very well. I've found that lifting the box and letting it drop gently …

Sam's Club Discontinued this Excellent Cat Litter Not rated yet
Sam's Club in Augusta, ME has discontinued selling this item. Shopping today especially for this excellent cat litter on January 5, 2012 and it was not …

Litter Clean Review Not rated yet
Tried this litter since it's what they had available at Sam's Club. Will not buy it again. The clumps break into very small pieces when you scoop it and …

LitterClean review Not rated yet
I love this cat litter and recommend it to everyone. My sister had an odor problem with her two cats, I got her some of this and problem solved. Cats …

My Litter Clean Review Not rated yet
I am very disappointed.... way too much dust. I had to hold my breath when pouring it in, he tracks it all around the house and it does not clump very …

Litter Clean Review Not rated yet
As other posters have said. Litter Clean used to be very dust free and I WAS extremely satisfied, but in the past 6 mths to yr., it has become quite dusty. …

Litter Clean is not dust free  Not rated yet
My experience with Litter Clean is that it is NOT dust free and it does NOT clump at all. It looks like it clumps, but when you lift it out with a litter …

Litter Clean problems Not rated yet
I've been using Litter Clean for my two cats for over a year. Lately I've noticed both cats cough a lot. When pouring Litter Clean into the litter …

Litter Clean is Too Dusty Not rated yet
I have used it for years and liked it but in the last 6 mo. It has become so dusty I've quit using it. It has such a dust cloud I can't even see the cat …

Litter Clean Review Not rated yet
It's gotten too dusty....it used to be good, but my last 3 containers have been horrible

All natural litter clean with improved odor control Not rated yet
Worst litter ever! I only have one cat and every time he uses his litter box, someone has to immediately run over and scoop it out! It also doesn't cover …

Dust, Dust, and More Dust: a Terrible Product Not rated yet
REVIEW OF SAM'S CLUB ALL NATURAL LITTER CLEAN POSITIVES: It's probably the best clumping litter on the market. It's cheap but with good reason …

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My litter clean review Not rated yet
I use this all the time, but lately it has become so dusty, I can't breathe when I use it. I have 3 cats, so I need a good litter. I have used this for …

My Litter Clean Review Not rated yet
If you do not want a room filled with dust, do not purchase this product. I will never buy it again because the dust is horrible. I see a dust cloud …

Bulk Cat Litter -Litter Clean Not rated yet
First off I bought it because of the price so I figured I'd try something new. When dispensed into the box we were engulfed in a cloud of gritty dust. …

Litter Clean Review Not rated yet
Litter Clean is NOT a good cat litter! The smell is awful after the cat uses the litter box. I bought this at Sam's Club because it advertised …

LitterClean "Improved Odor Control" - "Hard Clumping" Not rated yet
I have used this brand for years, but no more. They may have improved the odor control, but they ruined the 'clumpability', in other words, IT NO LONGER …

Litter Clean Review Not rated yet
I've no experience with cats, but now find myself taking care of my grandsons'. (he's in the service). This stuff seems to do a good job. I'm about …

Another Cat Lover Not rated yet
I'm a first time user of Litter Clean and am very happy with it. It's a little dustier but does an excellent job. We travel with our cat and her …

My Litter Clean Review Not rated yet
1. It is dusty. rate 2 2. It's fair. rate 3 3. I believe the litter has been changed and I find many more & much larger grains on my living room …

Litter Clean-Don't understand the reviews? Not rated yet
I had to write a review after reading so many poor reviews of this cat litter! I have 5 cats in my household & have not found any better cat litter …

Multiple cats loves this litter Not rated yet
Is has some dust better to do it outside if it bothers you. Rate 3 The order control is fair Rate 4 no my cats don't track it around the house Rate …

Litter Clean is the best Not rated yet
We bought this once and it totally eradicated any odor, and we have four cats! It scoops well, but also must scoop less litter since it seemed to …

White Tub Formula Was Better!!!!! Not rated yet
I've used this litter for at least 3 years. I have seven cats, all indoors. I had a container , a white one, original from the days I started using this …

I have 6 cats, all indoor. This is the best clumping litter on the market today. I have tried all the major brands that claim to clump and do not. They …

The WORST Not rated yet
Sam's Club Clean Litter Cat Litter is the absolute worst cat litter I have ever purchased. Yes, the price was right and yes, the 40lbs is helpful but …

Review of bulk cat litter  Not rated yet
It is nothing but dust. I bought it at Sam's Club and I could smell the dust immediately. Worst litter ever. Went back to Purina right away, worst waste …

Inconsistent Litter Not rated yet
The first time I bought Litter Clean it was great. My cats liked it, it had very little dust and the scent was not too strong. The second time I …

Litter Clean Cat Litter Not rated yet
I have purchased this litter before and thought it was great! But they must have changed their quality it is the worst litter I have ever used. …

So far...so good... Not rated yet
I have 2 cats (petite female and robust male) and I have used Feline Pine's non-clumping litter for years and I mixed it with cheap, store brand bagged …

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