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Tidy Cat Clumping Litter with Glade

I have been using Tidy Cat Clumping Litter exclusively for years, and have never had a problem until recently. I had issues with the last 5 or 6 containers.

Continue reading "Tidy Cat Clumping Litter with Glade"

Multi cat litter, supposedly hard clumping

I am not sure what you have done to change formulas but it no longer clumps well or control odor. IT does not dry causing wet, smelly, litter at the sides

Continue reading "Multi cat litter, supposedly hard clumping"

Sorry can't use clumping

I recently adopted an older cat from the humane society. After having her home for a few weeks I noticed an aroma one evening. After a quick trip to the

Continue reading "Sorry can't use clumping"

Tidy Cat with Glade

Don't buy this product. Is it dust free? Yes, because when your cat pees in it, it clumps into a big wet clay like mess. I just went through 35 lbs of

Continue reading "Tidy Cat with Glade"

Shopko Litter

I tried the Shopko brand cat litter several months ago and have stuck with it. Although there is some dust with it, I find that it is excellent at clumping

Continue reading "Shopko Litter"

Scoop Away-Scoop Away Multi

I've tried multiple Brands of cat litter. I am now using a brand with baking soda, guaranteed to control cat box odors. Nothing works like Scoop Away!

Continue reading "Scoop Away-Scoop Away Multi"

most AWESOME litter eVAR!

but now it seems it's getting hard to find. we've been buying from Mal*Wart for years and it no longer had a space on the shelf last week. and we buy

Continue reading "most AWESOME litter eVAR!"

Special Kitty 20 pound scoopable fresh scent

I bought special Kitty 20 pound scoopable fresh scent cat litter just because it said 99% dust free, totally opposite there was so much dust when the Sun

Continue reading "Special Kitty 20 pound scoopable fresh scent"

Let the rest go jump in a lake!

Special Kitty litter is the best litter I have ever used ! We have three cats, one box changed one a day. I have used them all and from now on, Special

Continue reading "Let the rest go jump in a lake!"

It is not my favorite litter.

When the Special Kitty Light first came out. I thought it was terrific. It had what appeared to be sawdust in with the litter. After a while I could

Continue reading "It is not my favorite litter."

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