Cat Litter Box Problems

Keeping Your Cat's Litter Box Clean

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Cat Not Using litter box because it is dirty

One of the causes of cat litter box problems and litter box rejection could be a dirty litter box!

Make sure yours is clean.

Here is where you'll find maintenance tips as well as Dos and Don'ts to help keep your cat litter box nice and clean.

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It's important to know that cats are very clean animals and they have a very well developed sense of smell (Several times stronger than a human!).

So if you think her litter box stinks imagine what she must think of it!

Your cat doesn't like to step on poop and urine when she goes to do her business.. just like you don't!

So be sure to always keep the box clean by scooping daily and washing the box regularly to be rid of odors that can build up over time to prevent cat litter box problems from arising.

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Litter Box Maintenance

In order to keep your box as clean as possible you may want to stick to a routine schedule that you'll get used to.

For example, my cats know that I change the litter once in the morning before I head off to work and then at night time before I go to bed.

Remember that you should really clean out the litter box a minimum of two times a day to really fight odors and prevent kitty from rejecting it! The urine saturated litter is what causes those unpleasant smells.

You need to be sure to always wash your hands after scooping the litter box!

Cleaning the Litter Box


Your litter box should not only be sifted daily (bare minimum) but also washed weekly or every other week depending on the type of litter you use.

  • Wash non clumping clays/non clumping litters once a week

  • Wash clumping/scoopable varieties every other week

Why you should do this- Even if you use clumping cat litter, your feline's urine will still come into contact with the litter box surface.

All it takes is a little cat urine to set off a chain reaction.. and a very stinky one too!


This means that you will have a cleaner smelling home. Your furry friend will also be much happier with a fresh, clean, litter box and will keep using it!

Supplies to wash litter box: Cat Not Using litter box because it is dirty
  • Rubber gloves

  • Antibacterial dishwashing soap

  • A good heavy duty scrubber


Whatever you do, try not to use harsh cleansers that leave aromas behind and definitely stay away from ammonia based products. Why?

Find out more about cat urine odor, and how to beat it here! Clean and scrub the box and all utensils.

Let everything dry thoroughly before filling the box with fresh clean litter.

Remember that proper litter box cleaning and maintenance is the key to a happier cat!

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