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So how do you remove litter stuck to side of litter box? Quite easily if you use the tip below..

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This is a question that you might see a lot of and one I have had problems with too in the past..That is before I found a handy little trick to make this nuisance disappear.

Some cats like to do their business in the corners of litter boxes and won't go anywhere else. ((((Sigh!))))

So if you have to clean it the old fashioned way (ie: scooping it yourself) it can be seriously annoying and somewhat of a challenge for your delicate wrists to maneuver the scooper into the corners.

It's definitely a big chore to try to remove litter from the sharp corners of standard litter boxes. Now, if you want to get rid of the problem for good then take a look at a nifty box to see if it might make your life easier!

Read about the Booda kitty litter boxes.

But if you're cheap, ummm.. I mean..frugal like me...and don't want to spend the money on yet another litter box then..

Top Cat Litter Box Tips

First make sure you have enough litter in your box. It needs to be AT LEAST 3" deep.

If you have anything less than this, you are making the cleanup job harder on yourself..again, you are making it harder on yourself, and the box is more likely to smell of urine and be ridiculously hard to clean.

Okay now here's the secret..well, not really a secret but it works wonders which is why I believe it's included in some cat litters.

Control Odors with This Tip

The fantastic additive that I've been sprinkling in the cat's boxes is that wonderful and much loved product called Baking soda!

If you mix baking soda with the litter it not only keeps it smelling fresh; it also makes scooping the pan MUCH easier.

It really coats the box (sort of like flour on a cake pan- yes, gross comparison.. but you get the picture), so anything that gets stuck to the sides comes off that much easier. For help getting extra hard clumps off the side check out some cat litter box cleaning tips for help and a cool technique demonstrated by video.

Be sure to be generous with the baking soda. Sprinkle it over the top and just mix it around a little and it will gradually sink to the bottom of the litter box. If you doubt that baking soda will help then try it yourself and let me know how it works for you!

Let me know what you think! Do YOU have some cat litter box tips or a review to add that helps make your clean up duties a little easier?

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