Cat Litter Boxes for Kittens

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Cat litter boxes come in many different shapes and sizes.

You need to make sure yours is not too big and not too small.. but just right!

If you have a small kitten or even a very small cat then a small litter box is what you will probably need to make her comfortable using the litter pan.

Tips to buy a litter box for kitty

  • Make sure the edges are low enough for her to step over

  • She shouldn't have to jump over it, if she does it's too high

  • Make sure it is large enough for her to turn around in, if she can't it's too small

There are many different types of boxes out there.. you can find a list of the different ones on my cat litter boxes review page.

Why Your Kitten Needs a Small Box

A cat's natural instinct is to dig and bury her waste, which makes them easy pets to litter train. However, if your kitty starts to have litter box problems it's time for a review.

One of the things to look at is the litter box.

If she has trouble climbing over that jumbo litter box, she may just stop using it.

If your cat has litter box issues and you don't think it's related to her box size please see the cat litter box training page for 5 easy steps to get her trained.

Just picture it, you have a small little kitten and a monstrously, large litter box. She would like to go to the bathroom but is having trouble getting over the side.

It is just too much work to go to the bathroom.

Who knows what she'll step into once she makes the big leap.

So instead, your little kitten sees a nice soft rug where she can do her business and it all heads south from there. When you purchase a small litter box for your small kitten you are off to a good start.

Remember if it is too hard to enter and exit she may just opt to do her business elsewhere. To minimize problems please be sure her pan is small enough with low edges so she can walk into it comfortably.

While the box should be small enough for her not to feel intimidated, please note that your kitten should also be able to turn around easily.

Please also check out the large cat box section for tips on picking out a box for your adult sized cat.

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