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I've actually had my eye on this cat litter mat for quite some time. The fact that it's large is a big plus.

They are available in many different designs including stripes, prints and different geometric shapes online and in stores like Petco, Petsmart and Target as well as many other outlets.

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cat litter mat
Cats Rule Perfect Cat Litter Mat Multi Stripe

With all the various colors and designs you're very likely to find something you like.

Measurements: 17" x 20" or 43.2cm x 50.8cm (L X W)
For small spaces (shaped like a cat's head)
Measurements: 25" X 40" or 63.5cm x 101.6cm (L X W)
Large rectangular shape
Material: Flexible material (machine washable)

The large size is a pretty big and is made of a flexible spongy material that's very similar to the kind I've seen on yoga mats. It might be the same material.

The good thing about this litter mat is that it is completely machine washable (recommended to wash with warm water) and let air dry.

However, it is mentioned on the packaging that if you wash it the designs may fade some so you should be cautious with that.

The mat is very soft and has ridges to help spread your cat's paws apart to catch litter that would otherwise end up on your floor and carpet.

This mat comes with a built in no skid backing made of what appears to be some rubbery clear material.

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The designs available are also really eye catching and are sure to spruce up the boring litter box area.

It's large enough to sit your cat's litter box on top and still allows room to catch stray litter. (There is also a mat out of the same material for smaller spaces and for covered litter boxes. )

Cleaning the litter boxes is pretty simple with this mat, just pick it up and empty back into the litter box! One big plus is that the material is so flexible and soft you can also trim or cut it to fit in corners or funny areas where your litter box is.

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