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The Petco cat litter mats are mid priced litter catcher mats and come in a large and extra large size.

They are also perfect if you want a mat to cover all sides of your non-covered litter box.

Cat litter mats
Details on this Petco Mat for Sale

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Measurements: 20" x 28" or 50.8cm x 71.1cm ( L X W) Large

Measurements: 28"x 36" or 71.1cm x 91.4cm (L X W) Extra large

Material: Non woven fabric (machine washable)

A mat like this can also be used for a covered box as well but may not be necessary for those boxes since your cat will only enter and exit from one side.

These cat litter mats come in two different colors including a gray and a tan and both with whimsical paw print designs.

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A great feature of this litter mat is that since it is made from fabric it is also machine washable.

There are many that are made from flexible plastics and unfortunately, they're not safe for the washer.

This mat is washing machine friendly to help keep up with any accidents your cat may have. No matter how dirty it gets you can always clean it up and start fresh all over again.

It has been mentioned by some reviewers that it can also pull "double duty" and be used as a placemat for cat bowls of food and water. This is just an added bonus.

How Does It Work?

With large litter mats like this, you simply need to place your litter box or boxes on top. It is best to measure your cat's litter box to be sure you purchase the right size as some boxes are larger than others.

Remember, in order for mats to work, your cat must step on it. This allows any stray litter to hopefully be dislodged and keep it from spreading to your floors or carpets.

One of the benefits of purchasing a Petco litter box mat like this, is that your cat's paws will not be irritated by hard ridges or bumps.

Some litter mats made of plastics have these "ridges" built in, which may cause some aversion to the mat.

With any luck, your cat will be stepping easily on this soft, flat Petco mat.

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