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Review by: Shelby, Dylan and Freckles

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Purina Yesterday's News cat litter is a natural alternative if you are concerned for the environment. I have two cats, Dylan and Freckles, who are both declawed.

After their declaw surgery they were sent home with Purina brand Yesterday's News Moisture Locking Paper Pellets.

These pellets are 99.9% dust free and is therefore better than other brands for cats that have recently had surgery, especially surgery on the paws. Our box is kept in the bathroom, on a linoleum floor and the paper pellets do not track all over the house like other brands do.

I can't stand other brands that sticks to my feet and socks. This one hardly comes out of the trays because it is large pellets that do not stick to the cats' paws.

We have been using Yesterday's News cat litter, natural pellets for about 6 months now and the cats do not seem to have any problem with it. It does not clump like other brands do, though.

This means that the box must be emptied completely each time it is full, rather than just scooping the waste. This is my only complaint about this brand.

It can get a little pricey when you have to dump and replace the pellets so often. I would definitely recommend this brand to other cat owners who dislike the way that other litters track all over the house.

It controls odor very well, and is made of recycled newspaper, so not only are you keeping your house free of tracked litter dust, but you are helping the environment and using a recycled product. You are also keeping your cats' lungs free of litter dust.

If you are hoping for a green or planet friendly variety then try out this cat litter. Natural alternative products are the best way to go for a healthier planet.

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