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Darn that litter box! Litterbox odor is one of the worst smells that you can probably think

My first cat litter odor remover or deodorizer review is on the Tidy Cats litter box deodorizer for multiple cats.

Tidy Cats Litter Box Deodorizer
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I would really like to comment that this one works pretty well to help minimize odors as you'll find out below.

If you're like me and your cat's litter box still smells even after changing the litter, then this might be a good solution for in between litter box maintenance.

That is..until you have the chance to empty out the litter box and wash it thoroughly.

This is the very best solution to eliminate that cat urine odor.

But you may not always have the time, so do try giving this or another deodorizer a run and let me know how it works for you!

The Tidy Cats deodorizer claims that it "controls odors better than plain baking soda after eight days."

I haven't really tested plain baking soda just yet.. but I'll get to it eventually so stay tuned. What I really like about this deodorizer is that you can use it with any other cat litter.

It doesn't necessarily have to be Tidy Cat litter.

This works out well because you may have a favorite litter or just don't want to change it due to a picky feline.

What I don't like

One thing that does bother me just a little bit about this cat litter odor deodorizer is the smell. Honestly, it's a little too strong for my tastes.
Also.. I've learned that a cat's sense of smell can be up to 14 times stronger than a human! So, if it's a little overpowering for me or you then it might be too much for your kitty cat.

Strong fragrance in litter boxes may also be one of the causes of litter box rejection so you may want to pay attention to how your cat reacts to it (more on this later). The less fragrance you use in their litter box the better.

Even with the strong cat aroma, my cats are still happily using the litter box without any problems when I sprinkle in the deodorizer and it happens to work well for me.

You might also want to check out a cat water fountain for your kitty to keep him or her properly hydrated.

Odor Control

The big test for me came when I was out of town for about 2 days..I came home to be greeted by that horrible cat litter odor.

My aunt and sister called me and were on the way over to pop in for a surprise visit.. Oh gosh! I did not have the time to wash out the litter boxes either.

So, seeing as this was as good of an opportunity as ever, I sprinkled some of the Tidy Cats Litter box deodorizer on the cat boxes and just waited..and prayed the smell would go away.

I lit up a few candles and when my aunt and sis arrived they both commented that the house smelled really nice!

If you are looking for a great deodorizer then give this one a test run and don't forget to let me know what you think. I want to hear it.. good or bad.

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