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This is where you can submit your own cat litter review, critiques and comments about litters that you've tried out.

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As cat owners we are all "on the hunt" for the best cat litter.. am I right?

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So, if you know of a great cat litter, please share your opinion about it! Your experience might help out another cat owner have a healthier, happier cat and less litter box problems and frustrations too.

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Testing Litter 
I have 3 cats. Right now I am in the process of testing different litters do to the amount of cat poop, smell, tracking, dust and cost. Right now I am …

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light is a waste of money. Beware. 
Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Total Odor Control, 25% Lighter It's terrible. It does not clump or stick together at all. It falls apart completely, …

Why Good Mews is the WORST Cat Litter Ever!!! 
It would take a pretty horrible cat litter for me to seek it out online to write a review. My first clue should have been the packaging breaking open …

Either I use Soft Paw or I send the cats outside! 
It is immeasurable, how much praise and positive feedback I can express to Bennett Mineral Co. and their clay cat litter "Soft Paw." I have 3 cats …

FreshAire Scoopable "hybrid" cat litter 
FreshAire Scoopable "hybrid" cat litter 14 lbs jug "=20 lbs regular clumping clay litter" UPC 041516253658 Pros: Light weight, even when clumped. …

Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract and Precious Cat 
I've tried just about every kitty litter, but Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract and Precious Cat are my favorites. They are both clay clumping litters. Precious …

What happened to Cat's Pride Natural? 
I have 3 cats and was using Cat's Pride and was satisfied. Then I found the Natural version which has even less dust. All of a sudden, I can't find it …

Why I think the "New & Improved" Feline Pine is an insult to my intelligence 
Feline Pine company RUINED it's fine pine shaving clumping product. All they did was partially break up the pellets of the original version, labeled it …

Cat's Pride NOT so Fresh & Light 
I have used Cat's Pride litter in the past without problems, so when I saw the Fresh & Light version, I decided to give a chance. BAD idea. Intially, …

Paws and claws kitty litter... I'm sold!! 
Recently a friend of mine moved out of the city & fearing her cat would get loose & get eaten by a coyote, asked me to take her cat. I accepted since …

Way too dusty
I'm on the second box of Exquisicat Scoop from Petsmart. I have no complaint about it except that the dust is overwhelming. The whole house has …

Worst Litter! Swheat Scoop Multicat Natural Litter. Not so Flushable. 
I bought this product thinking it would be a great alternative to clay litter. I live in a small apartment building and only have a 6 mo. kitten. I …

What to do about the big box? Not rated yet
I have used Fresh Step Multi-cat for many years. It's the only cat litter that doesn't smell worse than the you-know-what. It clumps firmly, and works …

Honest review of "Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scoopable UNSCENTED" Not rated yet
Some litters come with their own unpleasant odors. This is not the case with FRESH STEP UNSCENTED because, simply put, there is no odor. Why fragrances …

scoop away complete performance covered our 3,700' home in dust! Not rated yet
Our 3,700' home has been invaded while our busy lives were being lived here. While we were feeling safe microscopic dust traveled to all areas of our …

scoop away complete performance covered our 3,700' home in dust! Not rated yet
Our 3,700' home has been invaded while our busy lives were being lived here. While we were feeling safe microscopic dust traveled to all areas of our …

I used to love natural miracle Not rated yet
but they seem to have changed the formula and added saw dust instead! I am not impressed. It doesn't clump anymore and it makes a mess. The nice smell …

Pestell Easy Clean Cat Litter Not rated yet
Definitely the best cat litter out there but increasingly hard to find.

Any Litter is Good With a Disposable Litterbox Not rated yet
Cats Desire Disposable Litterboxes are inexpensive (7 boxes for 19.99); can be a covered or uncovered litterbox; easy to dispose of; a renewable resource …

World's Best Cat Litter Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Is The Best Ever!! Not rated yet
I have used and swore by Fresh Results for years. But in the last few months, it has lost its clumping ability and the odor control is no longer there. …

Green PC Twice as Absorbent Renewable Corncob Litter Not rated yet
After reading how unhealthy it was for myself and my cat,to use the regular clumping cat litter, I picked up some Green litter from PC/Zehrs. I have …

Double Duty is Doodie Not rated yet
I bought a 40lb box of Arm and Hammer Double Duty because the store was out of Multi Cat. It did not clump and the smell was awful! Sorry Arm and Hammer …

Arm & Hammer Multi Cat Perfume Issue Not rated yet
I bought a box of Arm & Hammer Multi Cat - controls odors - etc., and unfortunately I do not like the (perfume or whatever is put into the litter to control …

My favorite litter is -- no litter at all! Not rated yet
We have been adopted by quite a few stray kitties, so we have a number of litter boxes and go through about 160 lbs of litter a month. We've tried nearly …

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Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Scoop Litter Not rated yet
In response to Got Dusty and Special Kitty WAS My Preferred Litter, try Precious Cat by Dr. Elsey. I had used this litter for a while, couldn't get it …

Crystal but NOT Natural Scoop Not rated yet
I have used the Crystal Scoop for several years, however, I decided to experiment with a few different kitty litter brands. My 1 year old kitty did …

Precious Cat Ultra is Ultra Fine Not rated yet
Was waiting to write a review on Precious Cat Ultra but read the dismaying review about Tidy Cat and the horrible dust problem and realized that since …

Combo litter is the way to go! Not rated yet
After trying several different types of litter over the years...basic clay, scoop away, etc etc... Natural litters are so fine the cats track it all …

Keep coming back to Cats Pride Not rated yet
We have had a kitty for a little over 6 months now. Our first indoor cat. I first bought Cats Pride because I wanted clumping litter so we can remove …

Feline Pine Clumping has been a tracking nightmare! Not rated yet
I decided to try Feline Pine Clumping as a more natural alternative to the FreshStep/ScoopAway habit that I had been in. When I bought this litter, …

Ultra Pearls Are FANTASTIC! Not rated yet
Ultra Pearls made by Ultra Pet and sold at my local Publix are fantastic. I have one cat and one bag last a whole month! How great is that! AND the company …

Dr. Elsey's Ultra Precious Multi-Cat Unscented Cat Litter Not rated yet
Dr. Elsey's Ultra Precious Multi-Cat Unscented Cat Litter Weight: 40 lbs. (also comes in a 18 pound size) UPC on bag: …

Abordable mais très poussièreuse Not rated yet
Cela fait 2½ ans que j'utilise la Special Kitty aglomérante. Elle est très abordable environ 8$/18kg, agglomère très bien les liquides mais depuis quelques …

cats pride fresh & clean Not rated yet
this one is the best value for multiple cats however 20-30 lb. bags are hard to find since Wal-Mart does not carry it in the clay litter section.

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