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If you want to buy Special Kitty Cat litter, reviews are a good way to find out if it's the right brand for you. This is a clumping cat litter with a crystals blend and formulated for multiple cats.

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It also contains an antimicrobial agent that helps "inhibit bacterial growth," which is a good thing since bacteria is what causes odors in many litter pans if not cleaned frequently.

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My Review

This brand is more "sand like" than others and works to dehydrate feces, which certainly helps to control odors.

I tried Special Kitty Crystals Blend Scoop or I should say.. my cats tried it and here are my thoughts about it. I purchased a rather large 28 lb bag from Walmart.

I prefer to buy bags instead of plastic bins because once I finish them I just hate to throw them away. Anyway, out of all the cat litter reviews..Special Kitty surprised me. Not only is it very inexpensive but it controls odors very well and is pretty low on dust.

The only problem I have; (even though it's rather small) is that tiny pieces from the clumps have broken off when I scoop and once they do I have trouble scooping them up. Now, if you have one of those scoopers with thinner spaces then this probably won't be a big deal. However, I have an average size scooper and the tiny pieces of urine are sifting right through them which really annoys me.

Other than this small problem I really do like this litter and it controls odors very well. It is very fine grained and a little "sandier" than other brands I"ve tried, but it seems to work pretty well to dry out the poop and help it not smell as bad.

Special Kitty gets a 2 paws up from my cats!

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Special Kitty WAS my preferred litter 
Special Kitty was great, however the past few months the litter has changed and is very dusty!! My basement is covered in dust from cleaning the litter …

Special Kitty Litter Is the Best 
I've always bought special kitty litter, but i have found that with the last box, that it had so much dust coming from it, that it clogged the sink in …

Special Kitty Has Changed 
I have always bought Special Killy litter for a long time. Now I don't know if they changed the formula of it but it sticks to my cats paws and is …

Special Kitty Scoopable for multiple cats is great! 
I have 3 cats, the oldest is 17. Over the years I have tried just about all litters out there looking for something that actually controls odor and is …

Where is my favorite Special Kitty litter? 
I love the Special Kitty litter in the red box. I am very sensitive to odors and aromas and the other two bother me. Lately I have been unable to find …

Special Kitty used to be good litter 
However, they changed something and now it is no longer scoopable as it claims, it's more like clay litter! They need to go back to what they did before. …

"Special Kitty"; good & bad 
My wife & I have two cats, we have been buying "Special Kitty" brand regular litter in the red 25# bags for years. I started buying it because it was …

Special Kitty Has Too Much Dust... 
Lately, I've noticed that the Special Kitty litter that I've been buying regularly, is becoming WAY too dusty. Its claim is that it is 99% 'dust free'. …

Special kitty clumping unscented with baking soda becoming BAD 
This is the one I've been buying since two years now and I've noticed changes in the litter every time I open a new bag (sometimes is lighter in color, …

Cat Litter Review Not rated yet
I bought Special Kitty Clumping Scented Litter at Walmart in Longueiul,Q.C. this week for $8.98,well,I opened it today(18kg) and since my cat used it,his …

It is not my favorite litter. Not rated yet
When the Special Kitty Light first came out. I thought it was terrific. It had what appeared to be sawdust in with the litter. After a while I could …

Eddy Not rated yet
Litter is ok but turns into wet clay that sticks to bottom of litter box Also had on e cat that was plugged up and had to take to vet as it started pooping …

Let the rest go jump in a lake! Not rated yet
Special Kitty litter is the best litter I have ever used ! We have three cats, one box changed one a day. I have used them all and from now on, Special …

Special Kitty 20 pound scoopable fresh scent Not rated yet
I bought special Kitty 20 pound scoopable fresh scent cat litter just because it said 99% dust free, totally opposite there was so much dust when the Sun …

special kitty review Not rated yet
Gosh after reading the reviews I don't know what to think....I think your litter is very good and I appreciate that even tho litter in general is too expensive …

Special Kitty RUINED my day!!! Not rated yet
Ok so I used Tidy Cats and decided to try the Special Kitty Lightweight scoop able cat litter... Don't do it! I opened the plastic container and some of …

Not Worth The The time Of Using this is Garbage  Not rated yet
I don't know why they call this Kitty Litter , You may as well use sand It is a very terrible product and it does not clump properly and it is very dusty …

WHAT HAPPENED Not rated yet
Special Kitty WAS the only litter I would buy. But, I must agree with most of the other comments. It definitely does not work like it used to. It is …

I like Special Kitty because it works well and well priced. Not rated yet
I recently bought a bag of the new Special Kitty with the crystals and unfortunately both of my cats developed a cough. I know for sure it is the litter …

I Hate this brand  Not rated yet
I've just recently got the special kitty 25lb box from wal-mart. It does not work like it says on the box. Every time my cat goes to use the cat litter …

My experience with Special Kitty Cat Litter. Not rated yet
I bought the Special Kitty Scoopable litter, and it does everything it says it will except for the odor part. I love that it clumps immediately. …

I'm going back to Tidy Cat Not rated yet
Special Kitty kitty litter used to work pretty well. The last couple of boxes I purchased did not clump like they were supposed to. It was like using …

special kitty litter Not rated yet
My husband bought special kitty litter, we had never used it before and will never buy it again, there was no odor control and it was like gravel. …

BOUGHT MY LAST BOX Not rated yet
Hi, not sure what went wrong but Special Kitty Clumping does not clump; it dissolves like sand. The reek of urine is overwhelming. This has never happened …

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Best Litter Ever- Special Kitty Not rated yet
If every one with cats just tried Special Kitty one time, they would NEVER change. I can't believe how good it is, and i should know because i use …

Special Kitty is the Best Litter Ever Not rated yet
Why can't i get special kitty scoop cat litter any more? have talked to several people that use only this kind, and very upset that cannot find it any …

Why I quit using Special Kitty with Odor Eliminating Crystals Not rated yet
Since we started using the new 28lb Special Kitty scoopable clumping fresh scent with odor eliminating baking soda crystals I've noticed it being more …

It's Not Not rated yet
I have been using this same product for the past 4 years even though I had only one cat, well I recently got a new kitty whose neutered and eats the same …

Congratulations on Ruining a Great Product. Not rated yet
I used the green box of Special Kitty scooping litter for years. It was reasonably priced. Even more importantly, it worked great. This product has …

Special Kitty Corn Cat Litter is Horrible!  Not rated yet
Rating-2 out of 10 I used to always use the clay kitty litter. I have 2 cats who prefer to share their litter boxes, so I cut down to one extra large …

Not happy one bit!! Not rated yet
It is a terrible product and it does not clump properly. I found it too hard to remove from the litter box especially the urine clumps. It feels like …

Special Kitty in the Dark Red Box is without a doubt our favorite! Not rated yet
I have always had cats and have used every cat litter known to mankind. I finally found one that is so close to perfect that my cats love it and so do …

Special Kitty is the BEST Litter! Not rated yet
I've tried them all. The ones that claim to control odor stink while I'm scooping and the dust flies into my face. I can't imagine a little cat pawing …

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