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Have you ever tried the Litter Lifter cat litter scoop?

I have to say that I just love them. My Litter Lifter Scooper came to me complements of Litter Lifter and of course, at first, I wasn't too sure how different scoopers can be. It's just a litter scooper after all, right?

I must say though, after trying these bad boys out, I am extremely pleased and happy that I received mine and have already disposed of my old scoopers.

And I do think that the cats like them too.

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Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop
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It seems to me that these new litter scoopers have something different from the older models of scoopers out there. For one, they are larger and the slats are angled so they sift better and catch a lot more clumps and tiny pieces of dirty litter.

So what does this result in? A cleaner litter box and better smelling one in my opinion!

I immediately noticed a difference when I scooped the box. The larger scoops are incredibly smooth and it is very easy to sift the litter while cleaning out the bin. I think the difference lies in the way the slats are made.

They are angled as opposed to flat (in the old scoopers) so there is less resistance as you scoop the litter out. In my opinion, this makes it much easier on the wrists and the difference was most welcome.

I also love that they are larger than normal and they are cuter because of all the nice colors offered. It helps to have a bit of variety next to the litter box.

I would definitely recommend you to try these out if you want a better scooping experience. You can find them at a Petco near you or visit their website to order directly or see below for Ebay sales.

Cat Litter Scoops for Sale on Ebay!

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