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Cat litter training... you either get lucky or you don't!

Cat Litter Training Tips

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When your cat uses the litter box everything is right in the world.

However, when she doesn' just want to pull your hair out and scream "Why oh why!"

Hey... Put your hair back in.

Don't stress out. Whatever problem you're facing can be solved by figuring out what is bothering your furry friend. Because.. when she doesn't go in her litter box.. something is definitely wrong.

Here is where you will find solutions to your cat litter box problems and learn how to train kitty to use the litter pan.

Remember that as much as you may think it, your cat is not intentionally doing this to spite you.. but is letting you know that there is another problem that needs to be fixed.

Unfortunately, she can't vocalize what is upsetting her so you must observe her behavior and find out what she's unhappy with.


You should always first have your cat evaluated by a vetrinarian to rule out any medical issues such as a urinary tract infection (which is very painful) or anything else that may cause her discomfort.

Do YOU Have a Litter Box Solution to Share? If your cat has ever had an "accident" more than just one time and you found the solution to the problem then please share it with others! You may just help save a life!

Potential Causes of Cat Litter Box Problems

  • Medical issue
  • Dirty Litter Box
  • Doesn't like the litter or abrupt change
  • Litterbox problem- Box is in a bad spot
  • Box is not the right size
  • Age issue- Geriatric related
  • Doesn't like the deodorizer/scent in box
  • Negative association with box
  • Aggression from other cats in household or anxiety/fear from outside cats
  • Absence of owner

Cat Litter Training a Cat or Kitten

Cute kitten sitting in planter Litter training your cat is pretty simple. After you bring your new little friend home, just place her in the fresh new litter box. She will probably walk away.. which is just fine.

She knows where her litter box is now. :- ) Okay..Is it really that simple?

Sometimes it is. And.. sometimes it's not!
: -)

Visit my cat litter training page for five easy steps to help solve the problem.

Why Cats Use The Litter Box

Isn't it so convenient that a cat will naturally use the litter box? Have you ever wondered why? The scent of cat urine is extremely strong and out in the wild, she covers up her excrement to keep predators from tracking her down.

This is why you will not find a cat that uses the bathroom where she eats her meals, sleeps and plays or raises her young.

This natural instinct is for her survival and that of her kittens. This also applies to your indoor cat too.

What to Do for Problems

If your cat has been good about using the litter box up until recently, then you should have a veterinarian evaluate him immediately for any medical problems such as the life threatening lower urinary tract disease (LUTD).

If you have taken your feline to the vet and he didn't find a medical problem then the problem could be behavioral.

Find some Natural Cat Health Remedies for your cat!

So what's the solution? Find the source of the problem from the list above first and fix it, then re-train your cat to use her litter box again.

Cat litter training or re-training to correct problems requires patience and understanding.

Listen to what you cat is trying to tell you. Read some troubleshooting tips submitted by cat fans like you!

Do YOU have a litter box story or problem you’ve solved?

Please do share it.

Remember that litter box problems are one of the top reasons that cats get sent to animal shelters… so please help save a life and share your comments, suggestions or helpful tips on what you've tried and what the results were.

Help and be helped!

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