Cat Litter Tray Switcharoo!

An Idea to Keep Kitty and Your Nose Happy..

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It's not easy to keep the cat litter tray clean! If you have a cat that uses a litter box (even self cleaning litter boxes need to be cleaned regularly!) then you know it can be a pain to clean.

After all, if you don't properly maintain the box then your home will start to have the "cat smell," and the horrible litter odor.. that you and I both hate. Ouch...a cat owners worst nightmare indeed!

When I speak of maintenance, I'm talking about completely dumping the cat litter and actually scrubbing your cat's litter box clean with a brush, soap and water. This should be done at least once a month to keep bacteria levels down and keep kitty happy.

You won't get away with just changing out the litter either! I suppose the hatred for cleaning the litter pan prompted the use of litter pan liners...however, if your cat has her claws in then this may not work so well.

As for me, I don't believe in de-clawing because it is not only painful and in my opinion inhumane but also dangerous. But that's for another article..

Cat Litter Tray Tips

  • Keep extra and identical litter boxes around

  • After scrubbing allow the cat litter tray to "air dry" outdoors

Also check out how to keep your cat litter box problems away by learning some do's and don'ts of cleaning.

The top tip I know of to help destroy litter box odor is to have extra, clean litter trays handy to "switch out" with the old ones.

I happen to have 4 litter boxes for my 2 cats, but I actually only keep 2 out at a time. This is a little trick that I've recently discovered that helps me out when I don't feel like I'm "in the mood" to clean the litter box but when it really needs to get done. Who is ever really in the mood anyway??

Don't get me wrong here, just because you may not be in the mood doesn't mean you should ignore your cleaning duties to your furry little friends.

Your cat should not have to suffer because you don't "feel like it." It is not fair to your pet to subject her to a dirty cat litter tray.

So, this is how the extra boxes really come in handy.

Allow 1 Litter Box Per Cat

As a standard rule you should have 1 litter pan per cat...

Litter tray cleaning on a monthly basis will help keep odors down but to also make the clean up job easier on yourself you can also follow a great cat litter box cleaning method I've found!

Air Drying the Litter Tray-How it Works..

When you feel it's time to dump the litter and clean the box you will always have those "extra boxes" ready to replace the new ones.

Note: Just to be safe, it's important to be sure the boxes are identical to prevent kitty from striking against the new box...even though it's not new.

What I'll usually do is just take the dirty boxes, dispose of the litter and scrub them clean so they are ready for the next change. After you clean them, you can help remove any lingering odors by letting them air dry outdoors.

When you go to "switch the boxes" it feels like you are starting fresh with a nice clean litter tray that has air dried outside! This is a good little trick that gives your litter box some time to breathe outside (I leave the clean boxes outside for a month!).

With this method you'll always have extra boxes waiting to freshen up your cat's litter quarters and you won't feel rushed to scrub the boxes fast.

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