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Do you have a cat or several cats that have strong smelling urine? If you do then you probably are in dire need of a solution to be rid of that cat urine smell in your home forever.

If you need advice on removing stains and odors from carpets then see my cat urine page for additional help.

Cat Urine Odor Removal Tips

  • Keep the litter box filled no less than 3 inches deep

  • Always remove and discard soiled litter daily

I actually have a theory on what it takes to eliminate cat urine odors completely and I think you may find it true if you test it out.

The recommended cat litter depth for your litter box is roughly 3-4 inches.. and this my friend, is for a very good reason. The lower the litter depth the more chances of your cat's urine coming into contact with the surface of the litter box.

Once this happens you can bet the smell will permeate its way through your entire home and will hit you and guests like a ton of bricks. As you know it's not pretty.. so always keep the box filled no less than the recommended amount.

Another issue that could cause lingering urine odors is improperly cleaning the bin.

I know that you are a busy person and have many familial and work related obligations and so much more. But the plain and simple truth is that if you don't remove soiled litter (feces and urine) on a daily basis your home will most definitely start to smell.

Check out an outstanding cat litter box cleaning video from Dr. Lisa A. Pierson (DVM) and read some tips to maintain the box.

This will definitely help banish odors for good!

The good thing about following these tips is once you really get into the habit of doing them daily you'll be used to a fresh smelling home and once you slip up on your cleaning duties you can't help but fix it fast.

Do you have a tip that helps eliminate cat urine odor?

If so.. please share it with other cat lovers!

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