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Cats and Scented Litter

by Sandy C.

Found the website this morning when looking for ideas about where to place the litter boxes.

Always interested in best litter and best way to dispose of used litter. Love your 4 kitty critics (we have 3 - all shelter babes).

What I didn't see (maybe I didn't read enough) was an mention of problems with any of the scented litters. My cats are easily bothered by some scents so I have to be cautious.

Recently had to take a diffuser out of the powder room where I had their boxes because I noticed after a couple of days that they were tending to avoid the room.

Happily I realized this before any problems occurred. I've noticed in the past when I tried an occasional box of something other than the Tidy Cat, some of them had a scent that even offended me.

Also noted that though I love the scent of fresh pine, my cats hated it. I'm thinking this also might be a significant consideration when choosing the best litter for us AND out cats. Thanks for reading.

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