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Cats Love it!

by Marcia Cooper
(Mart, TX)

Kitten crop - summer '16

Kitten crop - summer '16

I switched from a heavy clay based litter to the Fresh Results corn cob litter for two reasons - had an accident that broke my neck and my shoulders are not as strong as they used to be and Fresh Results is "light" compared to the others! Best of ALL - I can think of NO BETTER USE FOR GMO CORN ! ! !

Yes it does track a little more, but I keep a small rug in front of the litter box in bathroom and broom and dustpan nearby in storage room where two more litter boxes are. I live in the country and have 10 cats who do prefer to go outside, but there is little actual dirt for them to use so some come in to use the litter instead. Of course when it is cold or rainy and I've got doors closed they are all good to use it. When young, they played in it and spread a little more around the floor, but they are "older" 2 & 3 years, so are more "business like" about digging around in it. WOULD NOT USE ANYTHING ELSE! ! !.

Does great job managing odors - and is the cheapest on the shelves of the grocery chain I shop- H.E.B. in TX. I must get hold of the management, they have not had any on their shelves for a month or two and I must protest! I've had extra bags at home so have not run out, yet, and it is good weather so most cats are outside except for eating and nap/sleeping.

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