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Review by: Sam

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We have experimented with several litters and I think I have settled on Cat's Pride Multicat Complete. It is a scoopable cat litter supposedly designed for multiple cats whatever that means.

I have 3 cats in my house.. named Boscoe, Gilbert and Jasmine. With 3 kitties, we have 2 litter boxes. I keep them side by side in a loft, which we renamed "the cats' room." We keep it upstairs, so hopefully guests won't smell it when they stop by for a quick visit and stay downstairs.

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It doesn't cost a fortune and has no dust! I hate dust flying when I change the litter.

The clumping action is quite strong and hardly ever breaks up. As far as odor control, it could be improved; or maybe my kitties diets just lead to smellier litter boxes.

The litter is very finely grained. It tracks a little bit just a few feet from the litter box. I did place litter mats under the boxes. I would recommend this litter to those who don't want to spend a fortune and want a dust free cat litter.

Odor control and tracking issues could be improved however. The cats don't seem to have an opinion on their cat litter one way or the other! They use it and that is all that really matters to me.

I will probably continue to use Cat's Pride unless a new improved product comes on the market for a reasonable price. I have tried most of the top brands and either the dust was too much for me with most of them or the cost was too high with the quantity of litter I use per month.

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