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Cat urine odor.. (Ugh!) It's one of the strongest odors there is.

And nobody wants to be around it.. not even your cat!

Here is where you'll find reviews on cat litter box deodorizers and urine odor removers to help make your cat's litter box fresher.

Have you ever been away from home for several days and have come back to be greeted by this foul scent?

Top Tips!

Remove stuck litter easily!

My cat Josie, covering her face

It makes you start to wonder the following:

If you're groaning like I was.. well then..you've experienced it before. That horrible smell of cat urine just permeates your entire home.

Read up on the two best ways for cat urine odor removal.. it's mostly just common sense.

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It really makes you feel self conscious and insecure about having guests over.. well at least it did for me. Mind you..I had somebody here to take care of my cats when I was gone so the litter boxes were being cleaned daily!

So what the heck happened? I was away from home for about 2 nights and came home to be blown away by "the smell." That cheap bargain litter I tried was NOT working!

Isn't it funny how you only notice certain odors when you've been away from home for a few days? Errrrr...I guess I had just gotten used to the smell.

Well..there it was. In all its glory...umm, I mean misery! And more bad news.. my aunt just called and was popping in for a surprise visit and heaven help me.. I didn't want to be embarrassed by the horrible aroma.

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I needed a quick fix..and by this I mean something to control the odor until I had time to wash out the litter boxes. Because really.. deodorizers are just that.. quick fixes.

If your litter boxes are cleaned daily and washed monthly of all stuck on debris, then they really shouldn't smell (unless your cat is spraying or going on the carpet). I this is the case then you need a good urine odor remover like the Anti Icky Poo.

Clean and fresh cat litter box But life can be pretty hectic at times with your family, job and everything else that comes with it!

So there may be times when you really need those odor eliminators to help you maintain a fresh smelling litter box and home.

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-Tidy Cats(Cat litter odor deodorizer)

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