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Review by: Emme

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Okay, sometimes cheap cat litter is not always the best, no offense, but I really dislike Litter Clean. And I don't think I would buy it again even though it seemed like a bargain at the time. I recently purchased this bulk cat litter from Sam's Club.

Litter Clean is a scoopable kitty litter and also finely grained like other clays, so it does track although not more than normal. I have four cats so of course I'm always shopping for a bargain and thought I'd try it out, I hate to say it but I was disappointed. Anyway, the main reason I'm dissing this is because it doesn't clump well at all!

I poured the recommended 4 inches that the instructions advised and other cat litter brands recommend so I thought all would be okay. Only to find that when I scoop, this cat litter just doesn't clump tightly enough for me!

It ended up breaking up with little pieces of soaked clay getting swept about in my cats' litter pan while I tried to sift the darn thing clean! And there are still some little pieces in the litter box I still missed which really annoys me.

I was extremely disappointed by this. Another big issue is that it is very dusty. I mean, I think I would have put up with the dust if it would have been a superb clumper but alas this litter is not up to my standards.

The only good thing I liked about Litter Clean was that it says it has a light "herbal aroma," which it does.

I really wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless you really want a cheap cat litter and don't care about clumping abilities or dust.. the whole pail was 40 pounds and cost me around $11.00 but it is a real hassle to clean up after all my kitties. Sorry.

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