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Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box

by Colleen
(Vancouver, Washington)

I absolutely love this litter box! My roommate had one for her cat, and I got rid of both my booda domes and got 2 of these for my cats.

They go very well into a corner or a closet, they are nice and deep, and the lid catches litter to keep the cats from tracking it around the house.

And it's very easy to clean, the lid lifts easily, you can dump the trapped litter from the lid back into the box, and the straight sides make it easy to scoop.

My cats took to it right away with no problems. I think it would be a good box to introduce a cat to a covered litter box as well, as you could simply leave the lid off for a while until the cat gets used to it.

I highly recommend it, check out their website:

Clever Cat Litter Box
Clever Cat Litter Boxes

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