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Review by: Erin

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Fresh Step Scoopable clumping cat litter is my cat's favorite! A while back, I was given a generic, free cat litter from some bargain store my sister didn't want. The large grain did not hold well, and broke apart and was extremely dusty, and these are just my complaints!

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I hate to think of what my cat thought about it. If it hadn't been free, I would have taken it back.

My cat Princess is very particular about her cat litter and refuses to use specific kinds or when the cat litter has too much in it, Fresh Step is a winner for us both.

I have to clean the box every day, so it is a must for me that the litter is easy to clean and so it must be an excellent litter that won't fall apart. Fresh Step Scoop clumping cat litter holds together way better than most litters I have tried.

I don't have to empty the entire box as often as I have with other litters. The litter is a fine grain, but doesn't produce a lot of dust when I clean the box or fill it with new litter.

The odor is pleasant and covers up the cat's odor unless she refuses to cover her leavings. The cat also doesn't track the litter beyond what might escape the edge when she is covering something up, and that stays close to the box.

Compared to the free cat litter I tried (which was probably really cheap anyway), I like this one because of the fine grain, pleasant smell and superior ability to really hold together, whenever I scoop.

It doesn't break apart like some other litters I have used in the past. Also, because I do not have to clean the whole box often, this litter has lasted longer than other litters I have used.

Fresh step is a good, quality cat litter and my cat's fav.

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