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Review by: Michael

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I recently switched to Tidy Cats Crystal cat litter after cat-sitting for a friend with three cats who used crystals and seeing that it seemed to work pretty well.

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For many years, I used clay litters (typically Tidy Cat multicat when I had two cats). A few times I tried clumping litter, but really disliked how much it tracked around the house.

My cat Portia, who is 17, switched to the new litter without any problems. Even though the crystals are a little larger than clay litter, I think it feels about the same to her.

One of the reasons I really like it is that as she has gotten older and developed some health issues, Portia uses the box more frequently. The crystals really do absorb the liquid effectively -- and keep odor under control.

I did try a cheaper kind of crystals, but found that Tidy Cats Crystals were worth a few dollars more because of the superior odor control. I keep my cat litter box in a front closet, right by my front door -- so this is very important to me. Box maintenance is pretty simple.

Scoop out solids every day, and then "mix" the crystals to keep them evenly distributed and prevent pooling of liquid in the bottom of box. They need to be completely replaced every 2 weeks (and might last longer with a younger cat that isn't urinating as frequently).

Also, you can "refresh" the box by starting with about 2 inches of crystals, and then adding a thin layer of crystals after about a week and mixing them in.

Biggest advantages: odor control, very little tracking (and the crystals are larger and easy to see if they do end up outside the box), and minimal "yuck" factor (no clumps to dispose of), no dust.

I think Portia likes it, too, as she has big, furry paws that can "trap" bits of stuff -- but the crystals never get caught in her fur or between her pads (if you think about it, when litter gets tracked, it must feel irritating while it's still on their paws..).

I would definitely recommend Tidy Cats crystal cat litter to other cat owners, and wish I had made the switch sooner.

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