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Did Not Like It At All

by Clairetta
(Bloomington, MN.)

Blue Grand

Blue Grand

I, accidentally, got this clay litter, which I normally do not use. I was trying to buy the crystals, but the boxed litter is not that. It is the clay litter. If you look at the outside of the box, it says it is the same as the crystals, which it, most certainly, is not.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find, instead of crystals, clay litter. Since it was inexpensive and we are on a very low fixed income, I thought I would try it. I wish I would have taken it back, immediately.

First off, the dust cloud emanating from this litter will knock you to the ground, which tells me it is not good for our cats either. Every time they cover their business this stuff surrounds them with a gray essence unlike coal dust.

The odor control was pretty decent, but not as good as the corn litter, WB Forest Scent, I normally will buy.

The cats seemed to take to it without any problems, except for Mr. Picky. He will not use a litter if he doesn't like it. So he was making use of our carpet, the floor, the basement, anywhere other than the litter boxes.

Then the one thing that really gets to me. It stuck like glue to the litter pans. I felt like I had to be Hercules just to get it out or hire a bull dozer. That stuff sticks that bad!

And the clumping. Oh it clumped all right, but the lumps were so large, I had to constantly re-fill their boxes. That gets very expensive extremely quick. This was not like my corn litter, which lasts for around a month and a half, and that is with 3 cats!

What would only take me a few minutes with my corn, WB, cat litter took me a good half hour. That may seem excessive, but my hands and arms are not as strong as they used to be.

We elderly need a cat litter that is easy to clean, not this junk.

Last, but not least, another reason I try to avoid clay litters is due to my Maine Coon, who has a bowel problem. One thing cat owners need to realize is, whatever is on their paws, they clean it off. Overtime, this can cause bowel obstructions and urinary tract failure.

If you can't get it out of the litter pan without being the Green Guy, then you can just imagine what it is doing to your fur babies insides. Anyway, sure enough. Blue started having problems again. I had to give him Epsom salts with some apple juice just to get him unblocked.

Overall, I didn't find much of anything I liked about this litter. I could even go so far to say I despise it and will never use it again. However, I might try the crystals. My daughter swears by its use for odor control and ease of use.

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