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Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract and Precious Cat

by Wyskur
(Houston, TX USA)

I've tried just about every kitty litter, but Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract and Precious Cat are my favorites. They are both clay clumping litters. Precious Cat is cheaper than Cat Attract. The cats seem very happy with this choice too.

Here are others that I've tried and their benefits and drawbacks.

Scoop Away - good for clumping, bad because of the higher level of dust (it actually caused one of the cats to sneeze a lot)

SwheatScoop - good for clumping but the cats weren't as fond of it as clay litter

World's Best Cat Litter - it clumps, but the smell of wet corn got to be too much for me (I grew up on a farm and it really reminded me of some of the smells from that)

Feline Pine - the best for cats that are confined in large crates/kennels, it's much less messy than clay in that situation; the bad parts are that cats will use it but aren't exactly thrilled with it, and it's almost impossible to scoop; I also don't believe the part where a 20lb bag is equivalent to a 40 pound bag of clay

Yesterday's News - same problems as feline pine, but it might be a good litter in a crated/kenneled situation

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Dec 23, 2009
Great reviews
by: Anonymous

A few years ago, I tried as many of the cat litters as I could and rated them much the same.

Dr. Elsey's wins paws down for clumping, no obnoxious scent, and it's reasonably priced unless you need the "Attract" version for some reason. Boxes that are properly maintained with

Dr. Elsey's virtually never need to be dumped and changed out. They simply do not build an ammonia odor and I maintain 9 boxes for 8 cats...more when I have kittens (I raise Persians) I liked Scoop Away and Tidy Cat fairly well, but it's hard to find without the scent, and it's more expensive.

One bucket was so scented I couldn't stand to have it in the house. The cats didn't seem to mind. The corn is goopy and one of my cats eats it. Also, it's expensive.

Recently I brought home a new kitten who had been raised with the corn litter, so I put out two boxes for her. Elsey's clay in one and WBC in the other. She never touched the corn, so that was that. No transition necessary.

And I don't buy the scare issues of clumping clay. I do wish that could be resolved. It's so pervasive with no studies that I can find proving its dangers.

Molly (Mythicbells Persians)

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