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Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Scoop Litter

by Sandy C
(Surprise, AZ)

In response to Got Dusty and Special Kitty WAS My Preferred Litter, try Precious Cat by Dr. Elsey. I had used this litter for a while, couldn't get it at my local Petsmart one week and went back to Tidy Cat crystals but even they were horribly dusty. I'm back to Precious Cat and hope I don't ever have to switch.


This litter really is dust-free and there's very minimal tracking, mainly just outside the box on the mat which is easy to clean up. No more crunching underfoot all over the place. Cats took to it right away.
Great odor control (3 cat people, 2 gals and a guy) and, if I refill the box regularly, it lasts for a long time.
Great clumping - only issue is that my boy likes to perch on the edge of the box to pee and it runs down the side of the box to clump in the corner. I use cheap boxes with rounded edges and keep the box really full of litter and this helps.
Price isn't an issue to me in that it's doesn't seem wildly out of line at Petsmart where I get it (it is available at many places online) and if it lasts and I don't have to buy so often and clean litter boxes so often, a price difference is worth it.


The litter is really dense and the bags are very heavy. This could be a big problem for some with physical challenges or those who live upstairs without an elevator. I bought a very lightweight, relatively cheap hand-truck at Home Depot which I keep in the car. If need be, I get someone from Petsmart to lift the bag into my car (floorboard - not the trunk). At home I drag the bag out onto the hand-truck and wheel it in. Still might be a problem for some and would still be hard to get it upstairs.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to give it a try. I'm sold on it and hope I don't have to change again and that Petsmart won't sell out when I need a new bag and I have to go back to Tidy Cat temporarily.

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