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Dr. Elsey's Ultra Precious Multi-Cat Unscented Cat Litter

by Mitch

Dr. Elsey's Ultra Precious Multi-Cat Unscented Cat Litter

Weight: 40 lbs. (also comes in a 18 pound size)
UPC on bag: 000338004404

Pros: It doesn't smell, it keeps odors down pretty well, less dusty than other scoop-ables, claims hypoallergenic, less packaging

Cons: Comes in bags - needs to be put into something.

Well my search seems to be over. As I have mentioned in my other reviews we used to use Arm & Hammer unscented, until they changed the formula :( making it stinky. So I went in search of a truly unscented cat litter that wasn't too dusty or clumped oddly etc.

This product WORKS! (I now expect something bad to happen to it, like so many other products, but that's just paranoia - right?)

The only con is the fact that a 40 pound bag of cat litter is a bit tippy / hard to pour / clumsy.

I just pour it into a standard "name brand" cat litter bucket, if it doesn't quite fit extra goes into litter pan. I suppose this is also an environmental pro at the same time, less plastic / cardboard thrown out.

7+ on my litter scale

0 = kills on contact, causes zombies, & cats hate it

5 = if only thing in store I'd use it

7 = no need to shop around anymore, but if something interesting (really cheap) crossed my path I might try it.

9+ = nothing else will touch their litter pan

10 = turns droppings into gold, cures cancer & cats like it

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