Dust Free Cat Litter
by Scoop Away

Review by: Lilly and Tina

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My cat and I love the dust free cat litter by Scoop Away in "Fresh Scent." It is a scoopable kitty litter and mostly clay with minerals, but has virtually no dust. That's always a plus.

The odor control is fantastic. Call me strange, but I actually thought the Fresh Scent formula of this litter to smell good.

Lilly's cat litter box was in a corner in my den, and I never had to worry about visitors smelling it when she used it. According to their website, they use "a patented antimicrobial agent that absorbs odors on contact."

Let me tell you...it works perfectly. I'll even admit that Scoop Away's cat litter made cleaning the litter box more enjoyable. The clumping action was great!

This dust free cat litter made the chore faster, and cleaner. I didn't have a problem with anything "sticking" to the scooper, and it was so fine of a litter that Lilly didn't spend time hanging half out of her cat litter box scraping up pieces tracked around it.

The clumps were tight, and once they were removed it was almost as if the litter box wasn't used. I would definitely recommend this brand of cat litter to anyone. I love it.

I even used their Multiple Cat formula when Lilly became a mother, and although the "traffic" was heavier in the cat litter tray, the chore was just as easy as having one cat. Scoop Away really seemed to read the minds of cat owners everywhere when making their product.

As a final note, the price is pretty great too!

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