"Scoop Away is a Dust Free Litter"

Review by: Vanessa C.

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I have been using Scoop Away dust free litter plus crystals, ever since we brought Penelope home. It really has the best cat litter rating, in my opinion.

My cat is a tiny, short-haired, white cat with beautiful blue eyes. I keep the litter box in our spare room, next to the bed, under a table.

She is afraid of everyone and everything, and likes to stay under the bed in that room. I find it easier to keep the litter box in there because she runs and hides in there when we have company, (or when the ice cubes fall in the freezer).

Anyway, a friend recommended Scoop Away cat litter to me. It is just about as close to a dust free litter and I have been using it for about four years now.

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She started using it almost immediately without any problems. The litter clumps tight, just like the commercials claim. Cleaning the litter box is a breeze, and there is hardly any odor. I find that there is hardly any dust around the litter box as well.

Oh, sure, she occasionally tracks some "pebbles" outside of the opening, but it is not much of a mess. Just as a friend has recommended this to me, I would be glad to offer the same advice.

After all, when you walk into my home, there isn't the faintest cat litter odor (Unlike so many homes that I have visited in the past)!

I'd recommend it as being one of the best dustless litter brands out there.

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