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Either I use Soft Paw or I send the cats outside!

by Margot

It is immeasurable, how much praise and positive feedback I can express to Bennett Mineral Co. and their clay cat litter "Soft Paw."

I have 3 cats but you wouldn't know because the litter box is odor free! The litter is not very dusty, and so easy to clean/scoop up.

You know, there are some things in life that bring relative ease to everyday tasks. "Soft Paw" cat litter is my ultimate relief because it's flawless and dependable! (The bag is adorable too)

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Jan 10, 2016
Really takes care of the smell!
by: Anonymous

The only reason i did not give five stars is because it doesnt clump that well to b able to scoop it. However I am blown away at the odor control. Its better than the expensive brands I have tried plus its cheaper. Its a win win alll the way.

Mar 21, 2015
Best litter on the market.
by: Holly Bailey

I have a total of six cats. I love and they love Soft Paw cat litter. Less mess and no odor. The price is incredible. I will never again purchase any other brand.

Oct 07, 2014
great find!
by: rags dad

i just got my first cat, i've always had just a big dog. my opinion was no cats! well i still have a big dog, but now the dog and i have a cat. well i went over to dollar tree to see if they had something i could use for the first night and found soft paws. i used it a couple of days and decided this was the stuff, so i bought more. i love that the company is environmentally responsible. anyway great stuff and i think a great find.

p.s. i does not look or act like traditional litters, but it cleans easy, no smell and the cat does not track it all over. we're enjoying rags!

Sep 14, 2012
Soft Paws is Great!
by: Anonymous

I just picked up a bag at Dollar Tree in a pinch. Thought it would be terrible because, well, it only costs a buck. It is the best litter I have ever used!

Best of all, my older cat who has never covered his poo now covers it! I no longer gag when I walk through the door after work. He must like it because it feels better to his feet.

I couldn't be happier, plus I will save $13 a month on cat litter, which is very important right now:) I'm telling everyone I know who has a cat!

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