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Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scoopable - UNSCENTED

I had to quit using my usual litter when I and other family members began to notice an unpleasant odor in the basement. I had put fresh litter in the two boxes the week before but decided to change it again. I also scrubbed the area where the litter boxes are kept as well as the boxes, which I put outside to dry. I filled the boxes later in the day but the disagreeable smell remained. That's when I noticed the "New Improved Scent" on the box. It was new all right but it certainly wasn't improved! The litter by itself was the source of the nauseating aroma.
One of your reviewers had recommended Fresh Step so I purchased a box labeled "UNSCENTED."
What a difference!
There is no unpleasant lingering odor because, simply put, there is no odor. Why fragrances are added to cat litter is beyond me. Of course I don't want my cats' boxes to smell like poop and pee, but I don't want my cats' boxes to smell like herbal/lavender/citrus poop and pee either. Offensive odors should be eliminated, not covered up by some equally offensive scent.

I would be remiss if I didn't share my other findings. The Fresh Step, like most brand names, is more expensive. However, in the long run, I found it to be less costly than the cheaper brands. I now clean out and replace all the litter every 😃 five or six weeks instead of every three and I don't need to add as much after each daily cleaning. It clumps very well and, unlike previous brands, I have not found any pasty puddles (which are impossible to remove with the best of scoopers) on the bottom of either of the two boxes.
It's not perfect. I keep the dust to a minimum by slowly filling a 32 oz cup with litter and slowly pouring it into the box.
I have been using Fresh Step for over a year now with good results. I just hope they DON'T try to improve it!

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